Michael Garifullin - Technical Lead

Co. Kildare, Ireland,
Work Permit in Ireland: Stamp 4 (no work permit required),
Phone: +353 85 2209967,
Email: garifullin@gmail.com


I know a lot about modern web development and enjoy making things work well and fast for businesses. I'm good at finding ways to make things smoother and coming up with creative ideas that push the limits. I also like thinking outside the box and trying new things to make projects better.
I'm skilled in optimising databases, making them run smoothly and fixing complex problems that happen in real use. I'm comfortable using front-end tools like VueJs and React, but I'm really focused on making the back-end and the systems behind websites work well.
For me, the coding tools are just ways to get business things done, so I'd use Python or Go for better speed and reliability if needed, but my favourite problem-solving tool is still PHP. I have plenty of experience with functional and unit tests, including e2e regression in hybrid service ecosystems.
I know how to set up and use modern architecture with async, queues, and microservices. I'm really proficient at designing solutions that work well, grow well, and are simple to maintain.


When I mentor, I understand that giving knowledge is just the start; helping others truly understand and use that knowledge takes more work, but the outcome is valuable. Because of this, I've built a strong network of former colleagues. I aid my business connections and developer friends in organising startups, using my networking ability and technical advice to help them succeed.
I enjoy looking at code and talking with colleagues about ways to make things better. I think Clean Code is important, not just as a concept, but as a way to make solutions strong and reliable. I teach my developers this idea. Sharing knowledge is something I love; it makes me better and the team stronger. When we all work together, the goals we reach are even greater.
I think CI/CD is a way to make things run faster for businesses and their time-to-market objectives. I like writing postmortems after solving tough problems to share what I learned with others. It helps me organise what I know and think about how to prevent similar issues later on. I'm also good at working with others, and I'm open to new technologies.


Technical Leader, Smartbox Group, Dublin, Ireland, since December 2017 (6 years)

Project: Voucher-based booking service for end beneficiaries.
Responsibilities: Manage integrations between different teams to ensure smooth collaboration. Introduce ideas to enhance our technology tools and practices. Add new tools to the project, like static analysis and snapshot API testing. Contribute to the project's modernization roadmap. Take part in significant updates that improve large parts of our applications. Work closely with the development team and stakeholders to create secure, scalable, and efficient backend architectures that fit project needs.
Achievements: Successfully migrated CI/CD process from Jenkins to GitLab. Integrated an email marketing platform for enhanced functionality. Took charge of creating new tasks that brought significant business benefits. Made numerous improvements to enhance our Agile framework used by the team.
Key technologies: PHP/Symfony, JS/Vue, Cypress, Chief, Docker Swarm, k8s, Jenkins, MySQL, Redis, Go Lang, Python/CLI

Senior Software Development Engineer, overnightprints.com, Las Vegas, USA, Jan 2014 – Dec 2017 (4 years)

Project: Online printing service for end users and corporate customers.
Responsibilities: Consistently research and stay updated on new technologies, industry best practices, and relevant backend tools, suggesting their use as needed. Recognize and address any obstacles or delays, ensuring the project stays on track. Collaborate across different teams to ensure smooth communication and coordination. Develop features that cover the entire project stack, focusing on functionality and value.
Achievements: Integrated new payment systems to enhance customer payment options. Successfully connected with warehouse suppliers to improve inventory management. Designed and implemented a tracking system for more efficient order deliveries.
Key technologies: PHP/Symfony, JS/React, Selenium, ChatOps via Slack, PostgreSQL, Bash for automation

Full-stack Developer, Freelance, remote, May 2012 – Jan 2014 (1 year and 9 months)

Projects: Online storefront for a real estate agency based in Turkey. Affiliate network solution for a company operating out of Latvia.
Responsibilities: Gathered feedback and addressed concerns to maintain a positive relationship with clients. Integrated payment gateways for streamlined transactions. Developed REST/SOAP services to enhance system functionality. Supervised feature delivery to ensure project milestones were met. Identified potential risks for the project and developed strategies to mitigate them. Proactively addressed any issues that arose during the project's lifecycle.
Achievements: Happy customers of my services ;)
Key technologies: PHP/Laravel, PHP/Slim, JS/Vanilla, Envoy, AWS

Project Owner, Mute-lab, Saratov, Russia, Oct 2011 – May 2012 (8 months)

Projects: Travel SAAS B2B service that caters to travel agencies such as Pegas Touristik, CoralTRAVEL, Aviacassa.ru, Aviakassa.ru, and Travel.ru.
Responsibilities: Managed resource planning, conflict resolution, and customer expectations effectively. Successfully resolved integration issues with payment and GDS gateways. Monitored project timelines and deadlines closely.
Key technologies: PHP/Laravel, JS/Vanilla, Envoy, AWS but mainly product owner role

Project Manager, Websynergy, Saratov, Russia, Jul 2010 – Oct 2011 (1 year 4 months)

Projects: Website for Starcraft2 championships as part of Beeline's promotion company, the largest broadband and cellular provider. Project aspects for Unimilk promotional sites focused on their dairy products. Full-feature development for fastautosales.com, an online car dealership site.
Responsibilities: Created detailed project plans by setting goals, scope, timelines, and allocating resources. Developed clear roadmaps to guide project execution. Enlisted essential human and material resources for successful project completion. Assigned tasks and responsibilities according to team members' strengths and skills.
Key technologies: PHP/Laravel, JS/Vanilla, JS/NodeJs but mainly project manager position

Head of development, Unima, Saratov, Russia, May 2008 – Jul 2010 (2 years 3 months)

Project: Managing daily development workflows for a small web agency.
Responsibilities: Implemented quality control measures to uphold high standards throughout projects. Conducted comprehensive testing and reviews to meet client expectations. Prioritised client requirements and ensured their satisfaction.
Key technologies: PHP, JS/Ember, Deployer, MODx

Head of IT department, Pronto Samara, Saratov, Russia, Jul 2005 – May 2008 (2 years 11 months)

Project: Supporting the information infrastructure of a regional editorial office for a classifieds newspaper
Responsibilities: Managed infrastructure including over 50 workstations and 5 servers. Conducted database maintenance. Provided support and upgrades for FreeBSD server infrastructure. Administered accounting services on Windows 2003 Server using MS SQL.
Key technologies: FreeBSD, Active Directory, DB2, MS SQL, Postfix, proFTPD, Asterisk

Software Developer, Narva Consulting LLC, remote, Aug 2004 – May 2005 (10 months)

Project: CRM system for managing a diocese of Hockey Ministries International.
Responsibilities: Successfully refactored a corporate website. Implemented strong security measures to safeguard sensitive data, prevent unauthorised access, and mitigate common web vulnerabilities. Developed tools for facilitating intra-corporate information exchange among remote agents.
Key technologies: PHP/ZF, PropelORM, JS/Vanilla


Saratov Chernyshevsky State University, Saratov
Sep 2001 – May 2007 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


  • Cultural Experiences: I really enjoy the time spent researching new technologies that can benefit my current project. I also believe that the lessons learned during my daily work help me a lot with understanding how to grow my kids as worthy people.

  • Social Impact: I love to participate in my local community and assist with organising the cleaning-out days in our borough.

  • Personal Interests: Huge fan of jogging, avid cyclist.